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The first Step in letting your property is to meet with us, for a free of charge, no obligation, property appraisal. 
Letting your property involves important decisions about one of your most valuable assets. It also requires a great deal of hard work and organisation, so it really pays to talk to the right people.

At PURE we understand the importance of bespoke marketing and maximum exposure of your property. With this in mind we will be able to secure a suitable Tenant and the best possible rent. 

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Step 1

internal Declutter

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External View

This is the first view your potential tenants will have of your property, so you should focus on optimising its appearance. Make sure all aspects of your property are up to scratch and meet all of the required standards to give you the best chance of finding the right Tenants and achieving the best price. 


  • Tidy up the front and back garden (weed, trim hedges, add some new plants if necessary, clear any dead or unsightly plants, mow and fix any damaged lawn)

  • Repair cracks, holes or blemishes in the driveway or walls


  • Give the window frames and door a clean or a lick of paint if you feel it would make it more appealing!

  • Make sure the house number or name is clearly visible.

  • Keep rubbish and rubbish bins out of sight.

  • Clear gutters from all seasonal debris.

Internal Declutter

Potential Tenants will want to imagine themselves living in your property, so it’s best to remove personal items such as children’s posters, photos - and make sure teddy bear collections are stored out of sight!

  • Ideally, anything that is not used on a daily basis should be put away. 

  • Kitchen worktop, surfaces around the bath and on top of drawers all need to be clutter free. 

  • Viewers should be able to view the property without any distractions.

  • Any existing Tenants should be encouraged to follow these top cleaning tips.

Top cleaning tips:

  • Windows to be cleaned inside and outside

  • Doors, skirting boards, and ceilings dusted and free from cobwebs!

  • Ensure the carpets throughout the property are in good condition and if possible have them professionally cleaned.

  • Ensure the bathroom and toilets are clean.

  • Eliminate any animal and cooking odours to make sure your home smells fresh and appealing.

  • Cleanliness and tidiness should never be underestimated, so clean each room from top to bottom. 


If possible, it's always a great idea to get on a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout the property. We appreciate that this is not always possible, especially when you have existing occupants in the property, but it does go a long way to securing a Tenant who will respect the fact the property is well kept, and normally encourage them to take care of the property throughout their tenancy. 

PURE has the ability to assist you with everything in the setting up of your Home to Let – from the detail of lightbulbs, to deep cleaning or re-decorating internally. We can also assist with any external painting and maintenance. If this is something you would like us to manage please speak to our experts at the time of the property appraisal.  

However, if you have current Tenants in situ, let us guide them to presenting the home.


Here at PURE we know how important it is for both the Landlord and the Tenant to know they are in safe hands. That is why we take maintenance seriously. We have our own in house dedicated team, all of who are CRB checked and fully qualified. 

We also hand–pick - from our local area - the best and most reliable businesses, all of who are fully qualified and for who we hold all the relevant Certificates, Contract Agreements and Insurances. PURE Lettings & Estate Management are proud to work with a select few local tradesmen and tradeswomen in and around the area we cover. We have the ability to organise work on your behalf before, during and after the tenancy. 

Got your own contractors? As long as they are fully qualified, naturally we are happy for you
to continue to use them, and we will be able to organise directly with them or, if you prefer, we will notify you when the work needs to be done. 
Not only does PURE work with local trades we have our own designated maintenance company - Two Brothers Property Maintenance - or alternatively we can engage a contractor of your choice. This would include our obtaining prices for required work and supplying quotes so you can give approval before any work is carried out. The costs can either be deducted from the rent, or we can invoice you directly. 

Please note in case of an emergency PURE will act immediately in the best interest of the Landlord to ensure the least amount of damage is caused and costs mitigated. We reserve the right to recover any expenditure for the above emergency service, and will provide receipts and reports to the Landlord.